Assembling The Puzzle Pieces Before, During & After The World Is 'Flipped Right Side Up'! (Not sure why it needs to be 'flipped' LEARN HERE)


When The Pieces Come Together Everyone Prospers!

Our Philosophy: Everyone has the "Seeds of Greatness" In Them, They Just May Not Have Been 'Watered' YetWe don’t spend nearly enough time celebrating personal responsibility! What matters is our willingness to see what’s happening and to sign up to do something about it!


An Education System for Everyone Regardless of Their Background.

- Guide people through the dynamics of the Tsunami of disruption.- Overcome economic ignorance once and for all. - How is wealth created – it’s unlimited.- Global banking will go through the greatest change in all of history! It will be glorious!- My 40+ year experience crammed into 24 months - Our ACADEMY - The knowledge I’ve learned from really smart people.- Become highly adaptive.- Win/Win revenue-sharing business models with no limits.- Teaching social entrepreneurship.- Grow personal income.


Take Control Of Your Health With The Right Education.

- Optimal health begins by asking good questions and then discovering the answers!- Become your own 'medical expert'! - It’s never too late or too early to improve your health- Your body was designed to heal itself with the right support! - Very few people know what the first step to better health is! Here's one we recommend NOW!- Take control of your health!


Building Trust and Connections With Each Other.

- We are built for connection not division.- Be guniune. - From online to offline. A meet & greet social tribe.- It’s interaction that shapes our culture and our world.- Could be at the County level. Ex. Ottawa County Tribe Join our FaceBook Group


Strategic Sales & Marketing Training for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

- Join the Compass Correct Academy and access FREE "INTRO SERIES" Video Training from a $40,000 Weeklong LIVE Bootcamp.- Information you'll never get from a marketing degree.- For the business that employs you- For the small business you own or one you want to start- Everyone should learn the foundational principles.- Delivered by a full-service sales and marketing agency Compass Correct.



We have the ability to make the current systems obsolete by implementing newer & better methods! Education, Healthcare, Government, Monetary and Legal Systems will be transformed! Oh, and with the speed of information today we can make it seem like it was overnight!

This New Path Is Where Your Past Doesn't Determine Your Future!