We're connecting with Ottawa County (MI) residents who will help us create a tribe of well-informed people who are empowered to do great things and build a prosperous county that works for everyone. It’s all about local connection and I don’t mean just digitally. Let’s look each other in the eye and reconnect.



Jack Tuuk

President and Co-Founder

Where I'm Coming From

● My 40+ Year Business Journey - CLICK HERE
● My Interest In True Health - CLICK HERE
● Marketing, Sales Training & Innovation - CLICK HERE

Everything's 'Broken' and Needs to Be 'Fixed'!

● Government ● Education● Financial ● Healthcare

"To fix things we need to build new models that make the existing ones obsolete!"“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” 

Everyone Wants (Desires) 3 Things In life:

1. Financial Health2. Physical Health3. Emotional Health

We Hope You Join Us!

If you love your kids and grandkids (or future kids and grandkids) as much as I do and you'd like to discuss the 3 things everyone wants in life, join us.


Topic #1 - INFLATIONWhat's the 'TRUE' cause and how to deal with it once and for all!Currently the choice is between depression or hyper-inflation. The 'death of the petro dollar' will be devastating!

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