We're connecting with Ottawa County (MI) residents who will help us create a tribe of well-informed people who want their God-given rights protected, are empowered to do great things and build a prosperous county that works for anyone. It’s all about local connection and I don’t mean just digitally. Let’s look each other in the eye and reconnect humanity.


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Here's 5 topics we can begin with:
1. How’d we get into all these messes and why does the world seem to be upside down?
2. Steps we should take to fix’em and yes, we all have a role to play to be part of the solutions.
3. The future of personal health and finances are under assault like never before. When I say future, I’m talking about the next 12 to 24 months. 
4. The biggest historical event which will change everything's life in a positive way!
5. Let's work on making sense out of what has impacted all of us, asking questions, and charting new pathways forward.

Everything's 'Broken' and needs to be 'Fixed'!

● Government ● Education● Financial ● Healthcare

"To fix or improve things we need to build new models that make the existing ones obsolete!"

Everyone Wants (Desires) 3 Things In life:

1. Financial Health
2. Physical Health
3. Emotional Health


Why Join Us?

If you love your kids and grandkids (or future kids and grandkids) as much as I do and you agree with the 3 things everyone wants in life, join us.

Topics and purposes we'll explore.

● Create a world of 'Win-Win' instead of 'Win-Lose'. 
● The Constitution is the 'Roadmap' not an obstacle to get around. Anyone in local government will be accountable to the U.S. and State Constitutions and their oath to them.
● Connect by loving people – have a critical need and you don’t know where to turn? Find someone in the group who can help.
● Prepare residents for the BIGGEST Event in history! Everything financial will be disrupted and transformed! A New Global Financial System will change everything: your bank accounts, mortgage, bank loans and purchasing power! 
● Build An Ottawa County Business Directory – Introduce Marketplace Domination Secrets training to help small businesses innovate and better communicate their value. Also, develop a network of farm to table food supply.
● More to follow...