Two Major Forces Are Clashing

Enslavement vs. Empowerment

It's Impacting Everyone

Everything will be Disrupted and Transformed! Monetary, Healthcare, Education and Government Systems!


Welcome To My Empowerment Zone

“We’re on the edge of a seismic shift in our culture! The challenge is to embrace a different form of education and training for a different world.” (Seth Godin)

The Changes Coming Will Be Spectacular; Which Will Disrupt Every Area of Your Life! 

Explore These Three Sections



The 1st one is enrolling in the My Empowerment Zone Academy. Lay the Foundation to Transform Your Future Lifestyle.



The 2nd one is one of the benefits of being a member of My Empowerment Zone Academy! When you click on the learn more button, it will take you to my explanation of why you’d want to join!



The 3rd section takes you to the website where you can follow my journey as I share with you what I discovered since one of my prior careers of selling disease-specific amino acid solutions for I.V. nutrional support to being ambushed by the whole COVID thing in March 2020. We'll launch it in 2022. The membership will be included in the MEZ Academy Membership!

Follow Our 'ROADMAP' to Overcome the TWO Major Causes ENSLAVING All of Us; You, Your Family, and Your Way of Life! No Exceptions!

Now is the time to fulfill a ...

New Years Resolution
Course Correction
Promise to Yourself

We are preparing something amazing and exciting for you. Special surprise for our members only.

Why My Empowerment Zone

Everyone desires financial health, physical health and emotional health in their lives. My Empowerment Zone is a roadmap to better financial health regardless of your beginning point.

Personal empowerment takes place when you make a consciousness shift from being a victim to one who takes full responsibility for themselves! Once we accept that WE are responsible for everything that happens to us, we become empowered to take back control of our lives.



Feel free to contact us to ask any question:


491 Nathans Way,  Grand Haven, MI 49417, USA



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