Our Academy

It’s Misleading To Say Knowledge Is Power By Itself, It Does However Hold the Potential For Power If We Use It As a Guide for action!

The future belongs not to ideas, but to people who act on those ideas which truly is the New Global Power. Our Academy is the place where you'll gain the necessary education to ACT and prosper in the New Economy. 
The perversion of economics and the value of money is complete. Overcoming economic ignorance and the 'Enslavement' it produces is critical!


The 'Course Corrections' Live Broadcasts.

Included in your Academy membership: Weekly Live Calls - Updates, Q & A, Affiliate Training, Coaching, and Future Plans!
A total reset of everything is just around the corner! Information and disruption are coming at a pace that will overwhelm you like the force of a Tsunami Wave! We will help you adapt and thrive!

Our Affiliate Program

Our affiliate revenue-sharing program was designed to work for anyone with internet access. Given the times we live in, there’s an urgent need for alternative sources of income. Let's run through a quick 'roadmap' to help you generate $4000/month!


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