A Simple Strategy To Fight & Win!

This is informational warfare!

We win easily with information! We’ll build the numbers of 'Well-Informed' men (women) who understand the information on The Accountability Phase page.
Your effort is doing just 3 simple action items:
STEP #1 - Study the information on The Accountability Phase page which includes the intellect, information, and veracity of Dr. David Martin. We’ll use his intellect, information, and veracity as the 'one-two punch' and 'pummel' what’s going on with what he calls “the bioweapon”.
STEP #2 – Get connected so we can coordinate our efforts moving forward. I’ve set up a Telegram Channel and a Facebook Group to join. Click on the links below. Both are listed as The Accountability Phase.

STEP #3 - We'll show you how we can implement our plan in our Facebook Group or Telegram Channel. How to share the information. It'll take a little time discovering the information on The Accountability Phase Page in STEP #1.

"Truth is like a lion. It doesn’t need to be defended. Turn it loose and it will defend itself!" - Scott McKay

I believe this is the most efficient way (and one we control) to solve the root cause of the problem. We have the Light of Truth and the speed of information on our side; like a grassfire in a 90-mph wind!

With Enough Men (Women) Uniting As A 'Force-of-One', It's CHECK MATE!

Help us build the numbers, band together and hold every co-conspirator accountable so our kids and grandkids can live in a world of amazing opportunity.