The 'Accountibility Phase' of COVID

'We The Well-Informed People' will hold those accountable for felonies committed and not upholding our State and US Constitution. This MANDATORY INJECTION was planned in 2015 by the COVID-CONSPIRATORS! Everyone complicit in the Domestic Terrorism known as 'COVID' will face consequences.

Video #1 - For My Fellow Americans. Join Me and Become We The 'Well-Informed' People so we can not only put an end to all the destruction but hold accountable those who are/were complicit in the racketeering. It begins with studying video #4, Dr. David Martin's powerful presentation. It'll set your hair on fire!

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Video #2 - For Every Governor, Public Health Dept., County Commissioners, School Board, Hospital Administrators, Doctors, Nurses, Media, CEOs, Ad Agencies, or Law Enforcement who is violating state and federal law every time they promote or mandate injections, lockdowns, quarantines, contract tracing, or masks. These are all criminal acts which are NEVER justified!

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Video #3 - To Those Who Took An Oath To Uphold The State and US Constitution But Are Failing to Fulfill That Oath.

One person’s declaration of State of Emergency based on ZERO criteria doesn’t justify violating your oath. CLICK HERE to see for yourself!

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Video #4 - Dr. David Martin connects the dots of history leading to felony charges levied to the complicit, racketeering co-conspirators of COVID.

I’ve studied David since first being introduced to his information in April of 2020. I’ve studied a lot of really smart people over the past 40 years, and I’d have to say he’s at the top of my list. He makes the case which no one will be able to refute in a just legal system.

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Video courtesy of Weston A Price

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My Final Thoughts

Over the past 15 years, I’ve gotten pretty good at assembling the 'pieces of the puzzle' to see the bigger picture. My life’s journey accelerated in March of 2020 when we were all ‘ambushed’. I wasn't going to allow my kids and grandkids to live in fear. The information on this page is a result of spending 1800+ hours (I’ve probably lost count) studying video and reading content. 

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My messege isn't all negative. The next video is an invite to discover The BIGGEST Event In History!

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