My Projects For Humanity

Assembling The Puzzle Pieces Before, During & After The World Is 'Flipped Right Side Up'!


A New Path

When The Pieces Come Together Everyone Prospers! Money alone won't solve the problems. People need to change the way they think and become empowered by growing their knowledge through self-discovery!

Executive Summary

The great part of being an entrepreneur is the opportunity to solve problems in society by introducing innovations that improve the quality of life for the greatest number of people. The bigger the problem, the bigger the potential. In addition, two obvious problems in society are economic ignorance and medical ignorance in society. The proof is everywhere. The knowledge business, also referred to as intellectual distribution is key to teaching, educating, & coaching consumers and business owners. My partners and I have been hustling over the past few years to re-brand, re-engineer, and innovate for today’s social and business environment; basically consolidating 40+ years of experience. Everything is being disrupted; literally everything and it’s obviously creating major problems in society; at least the ones we know of today. Time to 'bundle' all the intellectual capital (everything we've learned) what we’ve accumulated into one comprehensive interrelated opportunity to benefit the most people, today, tomorrow and for years to come. Encouraging people to become highly adaptive to change will be paramount.Every system on Earth has changed, is changing or will change. Everyone is about to find out everything about all the lies & deception in history. How we’ve been programmed, manipulated and deceived and not by accident. Each project creates leverage with the other projects. Each one will be a place to connect with regular people and guide them through all the change ignited by the RV/GCR. Overcoming confusion. Information can move at the speed of thought. Teaching people to e highly adaptive for positive change without freaking out. A door wide open to abundance, personal growth and dialing in your purpose.
Although money or abundance are good things, they won’t fix what's most important. People need to change the way they think and grow their knowledge. No exceptions!

A great opportunity in history to teach and coach as change happens in real time. In other words, “here’s what you need to know, why you need to know it and what to do next.”First, we’ll have to asses is what does this post-RV/GCR/QFS/NESARA world look like. We’ve speculating at this point. Once we figure this out, we’ll make adjustments to what we’ve already developed. Follow the path we’re taking. Think of it this way, moving from the wilderness into the promised land, figure of speech. Don’t be confused and suffer in the wilderness.The biggest attention getter will be the implementation of NESARA with the following changes: Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare, a “jubilee” or a forgiveness of debt.


An Education System for Everyone Regardless of Their Background.

- Guide people through the dynamics of the Tsunami of disruption.- Overcome economic ignorance once and for all. - How is wealth created – it’s unlimited.- Global banking will go through the greatest change in all of history! It will be glorious!- My 40+ year experience crammed into 24 months - Our ACADEMY - The knowledge I’ve learned from really smart people.- Become highly adaptive.- Win/Win revenue-sharing business models with no limits.- Teaching social entrepreneurship.- Grow personal income.


Take Control Of Your Health With The Right Education.

- Optimal health begins by asking good questions and then discovering the answers!- Become your own 'medical expert'! - It’s never too late or too early to improve your health- Your body was designed to heal itself with the right support! - Very few people know what the first step to better health is! Here's one we recommend NOW!- Take control of your health!


90% of all the pain we experience is due to 'trapped' emotions!

- I'll share my personal life journey, a relatable story. - 90% of all the pain we experience is due to 'trapped' emotions!- Don’t Ignore or Bury It! - Relationships can create overwhelming joy and fulfillment..., but when they breakdown, can cause UNBEARABLE devastation!


Strategic Sales & Marketing Training for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

- FREE Video Training from a $40,000 Weeklong LIVE Bootcamp.- Information you'll never get from a marketing degree.- For the business that employs you- For the small business you own- For the small business you want to start- Everyone should have a foundation- Delivered by a full-service sales and marketing agency call Compass Correct.


Helping students from broken homes overcome the additional challenges of life they face.

- At MentorMe, we strongly believe that when students have a consistent, positive adult presence in their lives, not only will our society improve drastically, but also, more importantly, souls will be won for the Kingdom of God. - A Mentor will have a powerful impact on a student's life and may just be one of the few people who share and walk out the gospel with and for the student!- Students from broken homes often experience increased challenges in mental & emotional health, academic performance, and social development. - My brother is on the board.


A Step By Step Process For People Who Are Enslaved

- For people struggling with depression, pornography, anger, bitterness, or any other power that has control over your life with no where to turn.- Set Free Ministries is completely donor funded. - There are no fees charged, assuring every hurting person has complete access to the Healer, Jesus Christ.For the small business you own- Financial support allows all three ministry branches to reach tens of thousands of individuals around the world with the message of freedom and hope.- My brother is on the board.