2024 Voter Strategy for Ottawa County


A Strategy to Outwit the 'Nitwits' (permanently):

The Ottawa County Voter Strategy – Things we do control - It's A Never-Ending Strategy.
How many people vote but need to ask the day before or election day who to vote for?How many people are familiar with the name of the candidate but don’t have any solid information on why they should vote for them?Let's say there are 170,000 liberty-loving residents in Ottawa County. What if we won the minds and hearts of these people to vote for Self-Governance and Constitutional Law without spending a dime?
One link with a 5-minute video and decision-making content. - Call it "Self-Governance" vs. "Good Governance" When every voter in Ottawa County understands this information and why it’s in their best interest to stand on these truths, will we ever need to campaign again? Will the progressives and leftist be able to counter it? No!
Make them defend the indefensible – Here's the most lame statement on the website of Chris Kleinjans, Candidate of County Commissioner District 2 - “What good governance seeks to do is do the most good for the most people” They can’t defend this!They have to demonize Self-Governance and Constitutional Law. Liberty, freedom and a way of life everyone desires.The vast majority of the people who vote need a quick education. Decision-making information to make the choice to vote a no-brainer. "I’d be an absolute fool to vote for any candidate who does not stand for self-governance and Constitutional Law."

Test results of the message:Laura – Just listened to the video Jack and I thought it was fantastic! Those running for office on our side should listen to this video!Kristen – Oh this made me spit out my coffee!!!!Kathy Ann – Wow!!! I love it Jack. It’s an education process…takes time for it to sink in no matter how simple.Lori – Jack!!! I love it!!! We literally need everyone to see this. The best part is that even for those that aren’t necessarily awake, it would be easy to understand. Seriously nailed it!! Vicki - Hi Jack… I think the video is well done and lots of information coming at me if I go to the links associated with your initial video…Jeff - I like it. I just hope that people will take the time to educate themselves with this type of info. Greg - I love the video! The layout of the webpages look great!

We Have the Opportunity To Win The Hearts and Minds of Voters in Ottawa County! All We Need To Do Is 'Flood' The County With This Message Creating Unstoppable Momentum!

It Begins with Lucy's Recall Election - May 7