This Recall Election of Commissioner Lucy Ebel Is Rooted In Corruption!

'WE THE PEOPLE' Need To Put An End To It Once And For All!


The Backstory - After just 6 months in office doing what she was elected to do! This Recall Election Is The Results of the ‘Dirty Deeds’ Against Lucy Ebel While You’re Busy Living Life And Taking Care Of Your Family!

Ottawa County Election 2024 

Your way of life is hanging by a thread! We still have time to do something about it...

These Brave People Have Already Taken A Stand For Self-Governance & Constitutional Law!

These 7 Commissioners have stood against constant verbal assault and media lies while most liberty-loving residents have been unaware! How bad? Click on the link to see for yourself! They should NEVER be the ones bearing that burden, WE THE PEOPLE should be with them!


May 23, 2023 - They Passed A Constitutional County Resolution.

Electing Greg Todd and Jon Anderson are two major steps to following and enforcing Constitutional Law! (I’ve gotten to know both of them.)

Greg Todd For Prosecutor


Jon Anderson For Sheriff


There's No Reason To 'Beg' Or 'Fight' For Power When We Already Have It!

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