Finally, An Action Plan To Make The Right 'Course Corrections'!

Can’t Solve The Root Cause Of A Problem By Treating The Symptoms!


It's an Action Plan for WE THE PEOPLE to Eliminate the 'Root Cause'!

My Perspective

Jack TuukOttawa County,MI Tactical Civics Coordinator

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Everyone can play a small role to 'fix' the problem! The greater the numbers the faster we get the results!

The Correct Structure


Constitutional Law At The County Level


Tactical Civics™ is the first instance of Americans correctly isolating the real problem — demonstrable, long-term organized crime by our servants from school districts to congress, the White House, and the US supreme Court — and the real solution: LAW ENFORCEMENT.

It's Education + A Step By Step Constitutional Process

PHASE #1 - Chapter Network & Membership Growth (Where we are now)

There are members registered in all 3,141 counties in the U.S.!The most important step is connecting with like-minded people and grow your County Chapter.

PHASE #2 - Implement Constitutional Law Enforcement Components in Every County

County government passes Grand Jury & Militia Ordinances which includes web pages added to the county website recognizing the People’s constitutional Law Enforcement authorityTACTICAL CIVICS members educate the county on Authority & DUTY of Grand Jury (Grand Jury Awake Video)Constitutional Militia (like a volunteer fire department) created in every county in the Republic made up of people like you or me who has a complete understanding from educating yourself in Phase 1. As you heard Bill Ogden cover in his video.

PHASE #3 - Finish Ratifying the Original First Right in our Bill of Rights

We need 27 more state legislatures to vote ‘yes’ to make it the 28th Amendment to the U.S. ConstitutionOur First Right was already passed by Congress in 1789 and ratified by 11 states; NO action needed from a corrupt Congress!

PHASE #4 - Our new, representative Congress Passes the Bring Congress Home Act (BCHA)

The new, representative People’s House politically forces the Senate to join, enacting BCHA (6400 congressmen cannot fit in the capital spaces!)
Militia & Grand Jury assure that state and federal legislators obey the laws, especially the U.S. Constitution

Long-Term Goals: WE THE PEOPLE, make the 'course corrections' NOW and insure for generations


Tactical Civics Membership Options
1. $5 per month
2. $50 per year